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Street Scout exists to make our community stronger, more informed and more connected. We’re a news organization with deep roots here, but we’re also a modern media company that’s pushing the boundaries of what we think about when we say “content.” Stunning photography, comprehensive neighborhood guides, accurate, timely data and expert analysis provide you with what you need to find the best place to call home. 

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Executive leadership

John Zidich, president of domestic publishing. John has oversight for all domestic publishing business, which includes both print and related digital products and sales across the organization. He formerly was chief executive of Republic Media and publisher of The Arizona Republic. Before coming to Phoenix, he served as president and publisher of the Reno (Nev.) Gazette-Journal, after starting his Gannett career in 1977 at the Stockton Record, formerly owned by Gannett.

Mi-Ai Parrish, president and publisher of The Arizona Republic and She has served as a publisher in Kansas City, Mo., and Boise, Idaho, where she gained a reputation for transforming and diversifying business operations and encouraging quality journalism.

Nicole Carroll, vice president of news and editor for The Arizona Republic/azcentral. She grew up in the West Valley with The Republic on her family's kitchen table.

Site founders

Keira Nothaft, director of digital innovation at The Arizona Republic/ and Street Scout co-founder.

As a journalist, every day I revel in the pursuit of finding and telling the truth, informing the public, and holding leaders accountable. I'm driven by the desire to help people make sense of the world and maybe, be compelled to make the world a little bit better.  

I live in Tempe, in a small, tight-knit neighborhood. We share potlucks, ice cream socials and dive-in movies. We carpool, chat and celebrate. My neighbors enrich my life.

We started Street Scout because making the world a little bit better often starts with our neighborhoods. 

Contact me about your overall questions and thoughts about the site. 

Catherine Reagor, senior real-estate reporter at The Arizona Republic/ and Street Scout co-founder.

I have covered metro Phoenix’s real-estate industry for the past 20 years through boom, bust and now, thankfully, a recovery. I’ve won multiple awards for my coverage of the region’s real-estate market. One project documented how big of an economic driver housing is for Arizona. 

I have been able to break, investigate and explain important housing news because of a trusted source - real-estate data firm The Information Market. Its data is powering Street Scout.

I live in a historic home in midtown Phoenix. I am close to my job, light rail, great restaurants and friends. 

I researched neighborhoods across the Valley for Street Scout. And there is something special about every one of them. 

Please contact me with questions, suggestions or comments for our site.

Street Scout team

Pat Shannahan, producer for digital innovation at The Arizona Republic/ and Street Scout.

I can’t think of a better state for a photographer to live in than Arizona. I love photographing our state and telling stories about the people who live here. 

I live in Chandler within walking distance of a wonderful dog park. You can catch me there most mornings with my furry friends. Another highlight of my neighborhood is its close proximity to wonderful Asian food. Within a mile of my home are restaurants with Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean and Thai cuisine, hand-thrown Chinese noodles and Chinese dim sum. 

With Street Scout, we’ve strived for the photography to give each neighborhood and community a sense of place. 

Feel free to share photos with me. They might even end up one the site.
Stephen Harding, senior producer of digital innovation at The Arizona Republic/

I believe that an informed public makes better decisions. That's why I got into journalism in the first place: to give people reliable information so they can make better choices and improve the quality of their lives and their community as a whole. That includes giving people the facts about the cornerstone of many of our lives: our homes. 

I'm lucky enough to live in northeast Mesa near Red Mountain, where the views are gorgeous and the individuality of our neighbors is celebrated.

Please let me know if you have any questions about using the site, or if you want to talk about technical issues.

Barbara VanDenburgh, reporter and digital innovation strategist at The Arizona Republic/

I am a lifelong Phoenician and take pride in that status, and in the city I have watched grow and thrive. In the 10 years I have worked downtown, the area has transformed into the city’s funky, fun and fiercely beating heart, one worthy of our bustling metropolis. 

A couple years ago, I moved to the historic Coronado neighborhood so I could be close to the action. It’s a neighborhood overflowing with personality: There are chicken coops galore, a peacock that roams 11th Street, and a man who frequently takes his miniature horse for a stroll. The weirdness suits me fine. 

Contact me about arts, events and things to do in the Valley.

Ronald J. Hansen, economy reporter at The Arizona Republic/

I believe journalism is at its best when it gives its audience a fact-based summary of the past and actionable information to help shape a better future. The demographic data presented in Street Scout is intended to inform and empower homeowners.

I live in north-central Phoenix and enjoy my views of Piestewa Peak, Camelback Mountain and the downtown skyline from afar. The charm of palm trees and snow-free winters has never lost its appeal to this Ohio native.

Contact me if you have questions about Census data. 

Melissa Farley, events producer/social media producer and online personality at The Arizona Republic/

As a producer, it is my privilege to engage with audiences across multiple platforms to bring you breaking news, news you can use and coverage of all things Arizona. Not only is it enough to deliver a paper to your door or make a post to your Facebook feed, but I desire to have a real connection with you through live events and newsroom experiences. 

I am a native of Arizona, having grown up in the West Valley and currently reside in Chandler. I’m surrounded by amazing, culturally diverse restaurants, a community of dog lovers that meet every morning rain or shine at the neighborhood dog park, and a place where I’m excited to start a family.

I’m thrilled to be one of the guides for Street Scout because it is an honor to show people everything that makes each city truly special and unique. 

Contact me for more information about things to do in a neighborhood that interests you.

David Kadlubowski, staff photographer at The Arizona Republic/ and the USA TODAY NETWORK.  

With over 30 years in the profession, I have covered virtually every sport while on assignment including 14 Super Bowls, Olympics, and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as many major news events. I have been named a Pulitzer finalist on three occasions. 

In addition to sports and news, I love to photograph architecture, where I can transform a static building into a work of art. You can see more of my work on azcentral.

Michael Meister, photo editor for The Arizona Republic/ 

I have been shooting and editing photos for The Arizona Republic/ since 1984. 

Nick Oza, staff photographer for The Arizona Republic/

I specialize in covering social issues, among them immigration, child welfare, gangs and mental health. I have received more than 120 awards for my work, including a 2012 Rocky Mountain Emmy for my video documenting problems in Arizona’s Child Protective Services. 

I love my community, Ahwatukee Foothills. Our home right behind South Mountain gives us nature in our backyard. People are very friendly in Arizona. 

Tom Tingle, staff photographer for The Arizona Republic/

I have been a photographer for The Arizona Republic since 1997, and the Phoenix Gazette 16 years before that. Communicating through photography, both stills and video, has been both rewarding and extremely professionally satisfying.

I live in Ahwatukee and am still in the same house I bought in 1989. I love the sense of place, almost like living in a small town inside a big city. The mountains and the desert meet up to create the best Arizona has to offer. There are hiking trails into South Mountain Park right outside my door and wildlife in abundance. The views can be spectacular. Definitely love “Tukee”!

Maria Polletta, Mesa/Gilbert reporter for The Arizona Republic/ 

I believe in telling stories accurately and powerfully.

That means trying to absorb everything I see, hear and read. It means asking questions – lots of them – and really listening to the answers. As a beat reporter, I’ve covered politics and public money, non-profits and civic life in some of Arizona’s largest cities.

I love figuring out what makes communities tick.  

Parker Leavitt, reporter for The Arizona Republic/

Since beginning my journalism career at The Arizona Republic in 2008, I've covered a variety of news topics, including business, economic development and local politics. In an increasingly distracted world, many people still want to know what's happening in their community, and I enjoy finding and reporting those stories.

I live in central Mesa with my wife and two daughters, in a neighborhood filled with mature trees and decades of history. Having grown up in this community, it's been amazing to watch it grow and evolve over the years. And it's exciting to think about what the future may hold.

Josh Susong, news director at and The Arizona Republic.

As a journalist, I’m passionate about finding and confronting truth, about explaining stories in a way that moves people’s hearts or forces them to think in new ways. As an editor, I’m driven to help my colleagues – my team – succeed.

Street Scout, in so many ways, is about the same things. When they have access to the best information, people make better decisions, and ultimately they –and their communities – have better opportunities.

Leah Trinidad, news editing producer at The Arizona Republic/

Over the decade that I’ve lived in south Scottsdale, I’ve been excited to see (and often be a part of) the changes that have come to one of the oldest, most diverse and most dynamic neighborhoods in town. Working on Street Scout reminded me how important it is to find a corner of the Valley that you can be proud to call home, and I hope this site helps others in their quest. 

Kathy Tulumello, breaking news strategist at The Arizona Republic/ 

As a longtime business editor, I worked with a team of reporters who use narratives and data to tell the story about Arizona’s economy. We celebrate the success of our entrepreneurs and businesses and also serve as a watchdog to make sure that consumers are treated fairly.

My cul-de-sac in Tempe is known for its annual holiday cookie exchange and several longtime homeowners. We like to think our location is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

My ties in the community include those with schools, club sports teams and a nearby church, all of which my family connected with because of our Tempe-based friends and extended family.

Contact me if you have questions about the economic data on Street Scout.

Bob Young, former Explore Arizona reporter at The Arizona Republic/

I’m an avid runner, road bicyclist, mountain biker, trail runner, hiker, obstacle racer, ultra-marathoner and triathlete. Basically, if it makes you sweat, I’ll try it. I’ve run marathons from Oregon to Boston, but I’d much rather run trails and it’s hard to beat the variety of landscapes and views available for running, hiking and biking in and around the Valley. 

Wyatt Buchanan, Phoenix and West Valley editor for The Arizona Republic/

I’m relatively new to Arizona and the Valley and have enjoyed discovering the rich mix of communities from Buckeye to Surprise to Queen Creek. I live in midtown Phoenix and enjoy the vibrancy, variety of establishments and diversity of neighborhoods in the area. Tell me about your neighborhood and what I can do on a visit there!


Jenny O'Donnell, B2B brand manager.

As a marketer, I have the opportunity to enrich the lives of consumers and business partners every day. By building a brand strategy and telling stories through design and content, I’m able to help bring products like Street Scout to life for the betterment of the community. 

I pride myself on being a local, and living in the magic ZIP Code of 85254 which allows me to enjoy all the charms that both Scottsdale and Phoenix have to offer. With golf courses and bike trails right outside my door, great shopping and restaurants on every corner, and endless things to do on any given day, my neighborhood truly enhances my family’s life. Something else I love about living in Arizona? The opportunity to help local businesses. 

Contact me for marketing partnership opportunities and to talk about how together, we can cultivate both of our brands.

Design team

Tricia Reinhold, creative director of the Phoenix Design Studio.

Design is a huge part of all of our lives, whether we know it or not. Design is more than looking at something pretty. Good design can inspire you, conjure emotion or simply point you in the right direction. Everything we do and how we live, design is a part of. The idea of design as it relates to how it connects us all brought me to it as a career, keeps me thinking, learning and passionate about it every day. 

I live in midtown Phoenix, which is filled with so very much to offer just about anyone. It has an array of different styles of architecture, which I love, from adorable adobe-style homes to the beautiful stream lines of Midcentury Modern. I love this area for visual reasons but also because of the people. This area draws creative, progressive thinkers of all ages. When you see these people connect and in action, there’s a special energy and they get things done. It also offers so much culture and activities, all within walking distance. 

I truly hope that Street Scout helps point you in the right direction.

Chelsea O’Donnell, designer in the Phoenix Design Studio and one of the designers on the Street Scout website.

As a designer, my goal is to relay the information from the content producers to the readers in a way that is engaging, enjoyable and, more importantly, makes sense and is seamless. 

Data experts

Jim Patterson, general manager of The Information Market, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARMLS.

I really enjoy cooking from scratch. The freshest and best quality ingredients make the difference for a great-tasting meal. The same is true with data and good real-estate market statistics. While the formula may be basically the same, in order to get the best results, you need timely and accurate data. We’ve been working in this local market and with this data for the last 30 years. We pride ourselves on getting it right.

Tom Ruff, real-estate market analyst at The Information Market, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARMLS. 

I’ve been working with real-estate data for a long time, meaning I’m old. Our mission has always been to provide the most timely and accurate real-estate data in the Phoenix marketplace, and accuracy is No. 1.

I live in the Alvarado neighborhood, a small historical district in central Phoenix, bordered by the Heard Museum and the Phoenix Art Gallery. Alvarado’s close proximity to the light rail and downtown leaves me close to the action while its large, irrigated lots offer a pastoral setting with plenty of space for gardening and our dogs to play.

Development team

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